Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, August 17-20, 2003

Congresso Latino-americano de Intera��o Humano-Computador
Congreso Latinoamericano de Interacci�n Humano-Computadora
Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Building bridges among individuals and communities

CLIHC 2003
Photo by Rodrigo Keller
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Last updated: January 2011

CLIHC 2003 will be held at IME, the Military Engineering Institute.IME is a Brazilian Army institute responsible for educating human resources in Engineering.

As other military institutions, IME requires that all people within its facilities dress appropriately. Therefore we advise CLIHC 2003 participants to avoid shorts, flip flops, sandals, tank tops, sleeveless shirts and other beachwear, which would probably prevent them from accessing the conference premises.

Rio de Janeiro is a great touristic place and IME�s location is priviledged. Set at the basis of the Sugarloaf access on the coast of Praia Vermelha, the venue faces a wonderful public footpath that surrounds the Urca Hill along the sea. There are restaurants available in the surroundings and Rio Sul, one of the major shopping malls in Rio, is located within a 20-minute walking distance from IME.

We encourage everybody attending CLIHC to make time to visit the Sugarloaf. According to Riotur, the city's Official Touristic Agency, "the height and unmistakable outline of Sugarloaf make it - together with Christ the Redeemer - one of the two main attractions offering breathtaking views of Rio. This famous landmark is reached by cablecar in two stages: first to the top of Urca Hill, where visitors catch the second car to their final destination. From the Sugarloaf, the endless beaches of Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi stretch to the horizon. Set against the lush Atlantic Rainforest, the scene is dotted with historical buildings such as the Santa Cruz Fort and the miniature palace on Fiscal Island."

We hope you enjoy CLIHC and the rich set of touristic attractions provided by the city of Rio de Janeiro!