Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, August 17-20, 2003

Congresso Latino-americano de Intera��o Humano-Computador
Congreso Latinoamericano de Interacci�n Humano-Computadora
Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Building bridges among individuals and communities

CLIHC 2003
Photo by Rodrigo Keller
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Welcome student!

Here you will find the information you'll need to volunteer for and take part in the CLIHC 2003 conference. Students from all disciplines and cultures are invited to take part in the SV Program. Come and join us in this exciting experience! We hope to meet you in sunny Rio de Janeiro :-)!

Be sure to bookmark this page, and check it often for updates.

Important notices !!!

  • Student volunteers, please, send us an e-mail message informing us when (date and time) you'll arrive in Rio. We need some students to start working on Saturday (August 16th). On Sunday (August 17th), we will start working soon (around 7:30 AM).

Being a Student Volunteer - what? why? how?

Applicants' Profile

Applicant Lists (07-August-2003)

Travel Tips (07-August-2003)

If you have any question that is not answered here, please contact the SV co-chairs:

Clarissa Maria de Almeida Barbosa, PUC-Rio, Brazil,
Elton Jos� da Silva, UFOP-MG, PUC-Rio, Brazil,