Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, August 17-20, 2003

Congresso Latino-americano de Intera��o Humano-Computador
Congreso Latinoamericano de Interacci�n Humano-Computadora
Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Building bridges among individuals and communities

CLIHC 2003
Photo by Rodrigo Keller
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Registration fees
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From July 16th until August 14th

  Member 1 Non-member
CLIHC: R$ 200.00
CLIHC+tutorial: +R$ 75.00 (each3)
Tutorial only: R$ 110.00 (each3)
CLIHC+workshop5: +R$ 95.00
Workshop only5: R$ 150.00
CLIHC: R$ 250.00
CLIHC+tutorial: +R$ 95.00 (each3)
Tutorial only: R$ 125.00 (each3)
CLIHC+workshop5: +R$ 115.00
Workshop only5: R$ 175.00
Student 2
CLIHC: R$ 125.00
CLIHC+tutorial: +R$ 50.00 (each3)
Tutorial only: R$ 65.00 (each3)
CLIHC+workshop5: +R$ 65.00
Workshop only5: R$ 85.00
CLIHC: R$ 145.00
CLIHC+tutorial: +R$ 65.00 (each3)
Tutorial only: R$ 75.00 (each3)
CLIHC+workshop5: +R$ 75.00
Workshop only5: R$ 110.00

At the venue

  Member 1 Non-member
CLIHC: R$ 240.00
CLIHC+tutorial: +R$ 90.00 (each3)
Tutorial only: R$ 130.00 (each3)
CLIHC+workshop5: +R$ 115.00
Workshop only5: R$ 180.00
CLIHC: R$ 300.00
CLIHC+tutorial: +R$ 115.00 (each3)
Tutorial only: R$ 150.00 (each3)
CLIHC+workshop5: +R$ 135.00
Workshop only5: R$ 210.00
Student 2
CLIHC: R$ 150.00
CLIHC+tutorial: +R$ 60.00 (each3)
Tutorial only: R$ 75.00 (each3)
CLIHC+workshop5: +R$ 75.00
Workshop only5: R$ 105.00
CLIHC: R$ 175.00
CLIHC+tutorial: +R$ 75.00 (each3)
Tutorial only: R$ 90.00 (each3)
CLIHC+workshop5: +R$ 90.00
Workshop only5: R$ 130.00

Notes [ top ]

  1. Member discounts are given to attendees affiliated to one of the following institutions:
    • SBC (Sociedade Brasileira de Computa��o - Brazilian Computer Society)
    • SMCC (Sociedad Mexicana de Ciencia de la Computaci�n - Mexican Computer Science Society)
    • ACM (Association for Computer Machinery)
  2. Student discounts are given upon proof of affiliation and current status in the program (an official letter from the institution).
  3. A person registering for two tutorials will receive a 20% discount on the second one.
  4. Each CLIHC registration includes one dinner ticket. Additional dinner tickets may be purchased at the cost of R$50.00 each.
  5. One must have an accepted position paper at a workshop to be able to register for it.