Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, August 17-20, 2003

Congresso Latino-americano de Intera��o Humano-Computador
Congreso Latinoamericano de Interacci�n Humano-Computadora
Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Building bridges among individuals and communities

CLIHC 2003
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A system�s interface ia essential in determining its success, especially when the software will be used by users with no experience in computer science. Nowadays there are many tools that aim at supporting the interface development. However, none of them offer the designer any indicators about the quality of the interface being created. The goal of these tutorials is to introduce participants to the main concepts, theoretical foundation and methods in the field of HCI that support the quality in interface projects (modeling or evaluation).


The tutorials will be useful to all of those who currently work, or would like to work, in interactive systems projects (modeling, implementation and/or evaluation). It is aimed as an introductory course to participants of different profiles:


The tutorials will be taught in Portuguese, but a Spanish version of the course could be offered if there are a great number of registrations from native Spanish speakers. Both instructors have Portuguese as their first language and speak well Spanish.

Course Overview: